How to Use Eyebrow Powder

The essencial guide to using eyebrow powder

Eyebrows are very important in one’s appearance. They can make you look like a model or, if done wrong, give you an Instagram-filter gone-wrong look.

There exist numerous eyebrow tools, but the easiest way to create natural-looking eyebrows is through eyebrow powder. At 100% Pure Team, we’re brow obsessed and will tell you everything there is to know about eyebrow powder formula–how to use it and most importantly how to make sure only the cleanest ingredients touch your skin.

What are the Benefits of Using Eyebrow Powder?

Powdered eyebrow makeup is designed to mimic the look of natural eyebrows. It usually comes in a small pot or palette with different shades that can be mixed and matched to create the perfect color. The powder is applied with an angled brush, starting at the inner corner of the brow and working outwards.

  • This product hydrates and moisturizes the skin, while helping to keep eyebrow hairs groomed and in place.
  • Brow powders are milled with precision; their texture is usually finer than eyeshadow.

An eyebrow powder can help give your eyebrows more definition, fill in any sparse areas, and add a gentle hint of color.

When Should You Use Eyebrow Powder?

Eyebrow powder is the key to brows done right. Unlike eyebrow pencils that can leave your brow dark and heavy, causing you to over-pluck, eyebrow powder gives a light touch that defines your brow without harsh lines. This allows for a more natural full look while still filling in any sparse areas.

What’s the Difference Between Eyebrow Powder and Eyeshadow?

The base ingredients for brow powder and eyeshadow are similar, but eyeshadows contain more color-specific ingredients to create various hues. For example, most brow powders come in a range of colors from soft honey to rich chocolate.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to the shades you’ll find in eyeshadows. Brow powder is often milled more finely than eyeshadow so that it can go between individual hairs without looking streaky or heavy.

Can I Use Brow Powder Instead Of Eyeshadow?

You can technically use eyeshadow as a replacement for brow powder, but it’s not optimal and certainly not something you should do regularly. If you’re in a bind, though, take an angled brush and apply some shadow to your eyebrows; just be mindful that shadows are often more pigmented than powders meant specifically for brows, so go easy on the application.

The two occasions when using brow powder for eyeshadow would work are as follows:

  1. If you have light-colored eyebrow hairs, and an eyebrow powder to match, you could use your brow powder either as a highlight shade or all-over base shade eyeshadow.
  2. On the other hand, if  black hair, If you have dark enough brow powder, you can use it in the outermost edge of the eyelid area where you’d typically apply darkest colors.

Some brow powders contain seed oils, which can make them difficult to stay put on your lids.

How Precise An Eyebrow Powder Is?

It’s not precise, and you don’t need it to be. 

Our founder stated:

“I prefer powders for a more natural look without the harsh lines gels create, and also because gels and pencils tend to leave a waxy, shiny appearance. Pencils can also lift to the surface with hotter temperatures, especially if sweating. For photography, I always prefer powders due their more naturalistic appearance!”

While a beautiful brow is well-defined, you also want it to look natural. This means avoiding any harsh lines or edges. When using eyebrow powder, opt for a product that will let you blur and blend to fill in lines, add color where necessary, and keep your brows looking polished.

How to Use Eyebrow Powder

Don’t worry if brow products intimidate you, we can help. Creating the perfect brows is easy with the right tools and a few tips and tricks. 

Start by choosing the perfect shade of brow powder, which is usually a light brown or soft black depending on the color of your brow hairs. 

Follow these steps to create beautiful brows:

Choose the Right Brush

We usually prefer emails for makeup application, but 100% Pure products are different. All of our products are made with living, food-grade ingredients that react better to heat. Because the warmth of your fingers helps heat them up, they become more blendable on your skin.

Applying eyebrows is tricky, but with the right tools, it’s a cinch. Instead of using your fingers to apply brow powder, use a brush like this Defining Brush. It makes for even and precise application every time. 

The bristles on this eyebrow brush are dense enough to allow you to sweep brow powder through your eyebrows easily. The rounder edges give the perfect, soft-rounded look that you want without the harsh squared-off sternness that is unavoidable with the typical angled eye brow brush. This brush also leaves obvious lines in the brow.

We designed our own brush to make your life easier. The firm packed bristles deliver powder right to the skin, easily blending perfect color without having to fight with the brow hairs. Meanwhile, the spoolie end helps diffuse the powder evenly through the brows and gives them shape while helping to keep them in place.

Use little Powder

Gather a small quantity of powder on your brush before sweeping it evenly across your brows in an upward motion. Don’t worry if you don’t have much product, as even thinner brows don’t require a large amount to start.

Fill in Sparse Patches

If you want to fill in your eyebrows, use brow powder and a brush. Go slowly with light strokes going upwards. Make sure not to put too much powder in one area–it should look natural!

Define the Shape of Your Brow

If you want to achieve a natural arch for your eyebrows, we recommend going to a professional. They will know how to wax, thread, or tweeze your brows perfectly. If you would rather do it yourself and think you have the skill set required–go for it!

When adding the powder to your arches, sweep upwards through the intended area and use the spoolie-brush end of your brush; this will distribute powder evenly. Make sure not go above your eyebrow’s natural line when doing so.

Use a light hand if you want a more natural look for your brows

Overdoing it on the pressure and powder while eyebrow shaping will leave you with a harsh appearance. Your eyebrows should have a round shape, not one that tapers to a point at the front. too much color also pulls your eyes together, making you look angry or serious. To fix this issue, lightly go over your brows with a cotton swab after applying powder.

How To Build a Dramatic Look Using Eyebrow Powder?

Honestly, the words “dramatic” and “eyebrow” sound like they should be reserved for villains.

Pro Tip: “For a slim extension of the outer brow corner that will achieve a longer tail with an elongated look, use a damp brush.”

There are only a few steps to follow to get natural-looking eyebrows, and the type of powder you use is important. Use a powder that is one shade lighter than your brows for a polished look. If you have very light brows and want them darker, then choose a color that is one shade darker than your original eyebrow color. 

Somebody with blonde eyebrows, for example, should select a warm taupe-colored powder in order to darken the brow slightly while still keeping it natural looking.

Eyebrow Gel

The ingredients in eyebrow gel can be scary:

  • Triethoxycaprylylsilane. This chemical is a silicate that is often added to products as an emulsifier. There is limited data available on the safety of this ingredient, so it’s best to avoid it.
  •  Talc is a known carcinogen and skin irritant, so there’s no need for it to be present in cosmetics. That’s why you’ll never find talc as an ingredient in any 100% Pure product. Instead, we use natural mica as our coloring agent.
  • Synthetic Colors: Some color additives can pose serious health risks, which is why we only use non-nano titanium dioxide and iron oxides to tint our brow powders.

You can trust that 100% Pure will always deliver the cleanest, greenest, and most effective eyebrow powder available without exposing your body or skin to harsh chemicals.

In Sum

Eyebrow powder is the key to natural-looking, attractive brows. This product can help you define your brows, fill in gaps, and make them look naturally full without appearing overworked. Using brow powder is an ideal solution for those who want perfectly groomed brows all the time. The combination of powerful ingredients and a newly designed browser brush makes this product easy to use while still achieving stunning results.”

If you’re looking for tips on how to perfectly style your eyebrows, look no further! You can find detailed instructions and answer any questions you may have in our blog.

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